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At Prima Web Solutions we craft beautiful websites that convert prospects into leads and fuel business growth

What’s troubling you with your website?

Your website is not generating enough leads?

Your website is a very important part of lead generation.

A well designed, targeted, marketing campaign will be wasted if your website does not produce enough leads.

We will work together to design a website that speaks to your prospects to generate more leads.

Your competitor’s websites look better than yours?

If your competitor’s websites look and perform better, then you are losing prospects and revenue.

There are several ways to compare websites. Do your competitor’s websites look better, and are up to date? Are their websites faster and smoother? Do they work well on mobile devices?

You don’t have the time or expertise to maintain your website?

When prospects come to your website and find that it’s broken, or not working at all, you are going to lose business.

We’ll take care of your WordPress website, while you run your business. Feel confident that your website is well maintained with one of our care plans.

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What we do

Website Design

Business website design is not just about making your site look great, it must also convert prospects into leads.

Think about selling solutions to problems, rather than selling products. We will get to know your business, who your ideal customers are, and what problems they face.

Together we will design a website that connects with prospects. It will tell them how you can solve their problems with the services you offer. It will instil a belief that your business is a good fit for them, and it will guide them to make contact and become a warm lead.

And of course, your website will look great too!

Website Maintenance

Your website is your bread and butter. If it is not working correctly, or is completely offline, your business will suffer.

Regular updates will improve your website in many ways, which in turn will benefit your business. A secure website minimizes the chances of being hacked. Performance is maintained or even improved. New useful features may be added.

Some of these benefits help search engine optimisation, and therefore the ranking of your business in Google search results.

We can take care of your website maintenance so you can take care of your business. You’re in safe hands.

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